Shark Liver Oil Capsules

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The fearsome creatures give us a lot to be thankful for, and in this instance, be thankful for the oil their liver produces. By ingesting Shark Liver Oil Capsules each day, your immune system receives an abundance supply of alkoxyglycerols, which maintain the creation of white blood cells in your body.

People who are undergoing treatments for cancer use Shark Liver Oil along with their other cancer meds to prevent getting ill from radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It helps prevent swine flu and the common cold, as it boosts the immune system. Even though no evidence to support this theory exists, there is also no harm in supplying your body with Shark Liver Oil Capsules.


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Adults:1-2 capsules
Shark liver oil, gelatin, glycerine (E422).Each capsule contains 500 mg shark liver oil, thereof 100 mg alkoxyglycerol.
1 capsule2 capsules100 g
Energy21 kJ43 kJ3.128 kJ
Protein0.12 g0.24 g17.50 g
Carbohydrates0.05 g0.10 g7.30 g
Fat0.50 g1.00 g73 g
Alkoxyglycerols, 20%100 mg200 mg1.12 g

1 review for Shark Liver Oil Capsules

  1. ersalina (verified owner)

    I haven’t personally tried these out but my parents told me they are really good to consume. I’ve ordered these in bulk as well for my parents and relatives, who equally love these fish oil capsules. The shipping was very quick (1 week from Iceland to Singapore!) and price couldn’t be more reasonable. Would purchase again.

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